Oh, another joy of being pregnant: buying bigger underwear.

It’s every woman’s dream to walk into a lingerie store and buy underwear that can be stretched from one side of the store to the other.  (Men reading this- please sense the sarcasm.)

It’s insulting to have to wear the massive underwear and it’s even more insulting to have to PAY for it!

No, I’m not advocating stealing underwear. But I did find a bit of a loophole for myself.

Each month Mark and I get an allowance from our joint account. That money can be spent on anything: clothes, meals out, whatever we want.  So technically, since my new monster underwear falls under the clothing category, I should be paying for it with my allowance.

But here’s the loophole….

I came home after shopping and said to Mark, “I just had to buy bigger underwear. I’m not happy about it and it wasn’t fun shopping for it.  So I’m not paying for it out of my allowance. I used the joint visa to pay for it.”

Mark was quiet for a second as he took it all in.  Then he said, “Seems fair to me.”

I married a smart man.