There comes a point in every relationship when you look at your significant other and say “I’m leaving you.”

For me, that point was Friday, September 24th at 7:05pm. It was a big moment, one I’ll never forget. The look on Mark’s face will forever been ingrained in my mind: the fear, the terror, the disbelief that I was actually leaving.

But it was time. It had been almost 9 weeks, and it was time.

It was time for Mommy’s first night out… alone. I had a date with my fabulous friend Ang to go see Harry Connick Jr. A concert that neither Sam nor Lucy (nor Mark, for that matter) would appreciate, so the twins were staying home with Daddy, and I was heading out on the town.

Mark was armed and ready for battle; I had spent the week pumping so that he had enough milk to feed the babies right through the weekend (just in case Harry spotted me in the audience, was immediately smitten and invited me to follow him to New Orleans). And Mark was smart enough to call for back-up: Gramma and Grampa Sloat arrived half an hour after I left.

Ang and I were only gone two and a half hours (apparently I didn’t catch Harry’s eye so the trip to New Orleans didn’t manifest), but it was enough time to give Mark the confidence to realize that, armed with a couple of bottles, he could survive without me for awhile. Not forever, of course 😉 but for awhile.

And it was enough time for me to realize that I’m still Amy, and not just Lucy and Sam’s mom. Don’t get me wrong: I LOVE being Sam and Lucy’s mom. Being a mom is a dream come true for me and my heart melts every time I look at my babies.

But its also good for Mommy to get some Mommy time once in awhile.

So, Mark… don’t be surprised if you hear those three fateful words- I’m leaving you- again soon 🙂