We knew this was going to happen eventually. It happens to everyone in our situation. We’ve seen it happen to friends. We knew one day it would happen to us. We just didn’t think it would happen this soon.

Sam has found his boyhood. And he’s holding on for dear life.

Every chance he gets, his hand is down there grabbing. Bath time: his hand is down there. Changing time: his hand is down there. Naked time (good to air things out once in awhile): his hand is definitely down there.

I realize its totally normal, and it really doesn’t bother me. It just makes some things, like changing his diaper, a little more difficult.

The other day, Sam’s antics had Mark calling for back-up during a messy #2 diaper change.  As soon as Mark had opened Sam’s diaper, Sam went for a grab. Not that big of a deal. However, his hand was then covered in the contents of the aforementioned messy diaper. Oh, and did I mention that Sam is also teething and his hands are in his mouth constantly? So after a quick check of his boyhood, what does he do? That’s right… his hands are going straight for his mouth…

Reacting to Mark’s calls for help, I ran into the room to see my husband holding Sam’s ankles in one hand, and his wrists in the other hand. Both ends were covered in the stinky yellow substance… a disaster in the making. Fortunately, I was home and with an extra set of hands, Mark was able to avoid a messy situation.

So how long does it take for little boys to grow out of this grabbing phase? I asked a friend of mine.  His answer?

“I’m 34 years old and still waiting…”