After 9 months in utero and 8 months in the real world, it’s finally time for Lucy to say goodbye to Sam. She’s moving out!

After months of sharing cramped quarters in my uterus, then just as many months sharing cramped quarters in a crib, we agree it’s time to separate the twins to give them a little more space.

We decided early on that we wanted to have the twins share a bed. We figured if they could share a uterus, they could share a crib. We also read that twins will comfort each other when they sleep together. And, if I’m being perfectly honest, the twins’ bedroom is on the small side and we can only fit one regular-sized crib in it.

At first, there were no issues. There was tons of room for both babies in the one crib ( When we brought them home from the hospital, we couldn’t imagine them ever needing more space. Eventually, though, they started to grow (apparently babies do that) and the crib seemed to shrink. We even resorted to dividing the crib so that Sam would stop biting his sister. As you can tell from this video, ( the divider may have curbed the biting but it created a new game for the babies to play: try to grab my toes over the divider while I squeal in delight.

So it’s time for Lucy and Sam to have their own space. But how do we give them their own space when there isn’t any more space to give? There is no way we can fit two regular sized cribs in the babies’ room.

Mark and I try to rearrange the furniture in the babies’ room to figure out our space dilemma. We’re about to resort to moving the twins dresser into the living room to accommodate two cribs when a solution presents itself…

My friend Kasha stops by for a visit and she is telling me about all the baby items her friends have given for her impending arrival (she’s due in May!!). She casually mentions that her sister’s friend even offered her a portable apartment-sized crib. When she says she declined the offer, I excitedly ask if the friend is still looking for someone to loan it to.

Enter my friend Kasha’s sister Sabrina’s friend Jen! (Did you follow that?) After a few text messages to confirm measurements, Jen graciously offers to lend us her small crib.

Mark and I head over to Jen’s place to pick it up. We manage to fit it in the back of our vehicle without even taking it apart (yay minivans!!).

The twins look quite intrigued when we wheel it into the condo. Once we have it set up in their room (it fits perfectly and we don’t have to move any furniture into the living room!) we bring the babies in to try it out. We decide that Sam will stay in the regular-sized crib and Lucy will move into the new, smaller one. (Sam has about three pounds on his sister so he could use the extra space. Plus, he’s starting to pull himself up on things and the railings on the regular crib are higher.)

The babies seem to like the new set up; they have their own space but they’re still right beside each other ( so they won’t be lonely. It fact, they like it so much that their first night in the separate cribs, they both sleep through the night for the first time ever!!!!!!!! *

Maybe we should have let Lucy move out months ago 😉

* (Note: Since that glorious night when they both slept through the night, they have yet to do again. Babies… what are you going to do? 😉 But we can tell they love having more space so the move was worth it. Thanks, Jen!)