It’s another first for us: mommy and daddy’s first weekend away!

Gramma and Grampa Gord have volunteered to watch Lucy and Sam for a couple days so Mark and I can have our first weekend alone in almost two years.

To make things a little easier on (all of) them, I’ve created a little translation guide: Beeman Toddler Speak to English.

Dape = grape (Lucy)

Sucy Lady = Lucy Lady (what Sam likes to call Lucy)

Hi hi ni = You go hide and I’ll count to nine, then I’ll find you (Lucy)

Ticker = sticker, what you get if you sit on the potty (Lucy and Sam)

Tandy = candy, aka Smartie, what you get if you pee on the potty (Lucy & Sam)

Sammy big = … exactly what it sounds like, but you have to respond “Yes, Sammy is big.”  Otherwise, he will keep saying “Sammy big. Sammy big! SAMMY BIG!” (Sam)

U-gurt = yogurt, one of the only things Lucy will eat these days (Lucy)

Bite = bike (Lucy)

Bite = bite (Lucy)… You can see how this one can cause some confusion (see previous translation)

Brella = umbrella (Lucy and Sam)

Wacko wacko = avocado (Lucy and Sam)

Wotion = lotion (Lucy & Sam)

Hot hot two fiiiiiive = my food is too hot, I’d like you to put it in the freezer and count to five while it cools off (Lucy and Sam)