To All The People Who Are Inexplicably Concerned About My Son’s Hair,

(And yes, this includes you: random woman at the grocery store who made a snippy comment about Sam’s pigtails.)

Sam is two years old. He has a twin sister. He likes doing things his sister does. He also likes wearing things his sister wears.  And Lucy likes wearing things her brother wears and likes doing things her brother does. No one seems to be that concerned when Lucy wears an Avengers backpack or starts smashing Tonka trucks in a gravel pit.  But when Sam wants to wear pigtails… Watch out!

pigtails-fullWe didn’t think that much about it. I wish we could say we’re conscious of raising gender neutral children and not imposing society’s gender stigmas onto them. But we’re not that deep.  We really just thought about keeping Sam  happy.  His sister had pigtails so he wanted pigtails. And to keep him happy, we put pigtails in his hair.

We didn’t come up with the idea to do his hair. We didn’t force him to wear pigtails. His sister had them. He wanted them. And to keep things fair, he got them.

It was really that simple. The pigtails made him happy. And is there anything better than a happy kid?

We want our kids to be happy. And if two hair elastics make Sam smile like THIS (, then he can wear pigtails whenever he wants.


The Very Happy Mom Of A Very Happy Sam

PS Grocery Store Lady: I can only imagine how concerned you would have been if you had seen Sam running around in one of Lucy’s dresses last week.

PPS Sam got his first hair cut today (

And he was very happy to discover that he can still rock a ponytail. (