It was another one of those nights. You know… those nights. One of those nights when they’re winning.

And you’re losing.

One of those nights when you spend, what feels like, hours negotiating at bedtime. No, you cannot come downstairs. No, you cannot have more water. No, you cannot come downstairs. No, you cannot sleep in my bed.

No, you cannot come downstairs. (If you just thought “Oh, Amy, you repeated yourself,” it’s because I also repeated myself last night. All. Night. Long.) One of those nights that makes you send a text like this to your co-workers at 8:34pm.

But today is a new day. And I made a conscience decision to make it a better day. For me. And for Lucy and Sam.

Hey- I’ve read all the “What Happy People Do” articles and the “Positive Quotes” tweets and the “Seize the Day” blogs.

So I decided to seize!

I packed up early from work and met Lucy and Sam at their ballet class.

They didn’t know I was coming. I just say outside the glass door and watched them. Watched them jumping.  And running. And smiling. And twirling. And marching. And laughing. And loving every second of every minute that they were there. Being present, in the moment, dancing and just being.

They didn’t see me. They didn’t know I was there. I was just able to just watch them. Observe them. Be an outsider for a minute and realize how incredible my life is because they’re in it.

When class was over, I opened the door and waved. They both smiled (huge, heart melting smiles) and ran over to me.

Sam asked “Did you see us dance?”

“I did!”

Lucy asked “Was it so amazing?”

Yes, Lucy. Yes, it was so amazing.

Sometimes in life, all you need is a ballet class and all is right again.