Sure, go ahead and judge.

I would.

If I saw a three year old girl walking down Commercial Drive without a coat in 7 degree weather, I’d judge.

So go ahead and judge.

If I saw that same coatless little girl in 7 degree weather in a sleeveless dress, I’d judge.

So feel free to say “What were her parents thinking?”

And if I saw that little girl without a coat, in a sleeveless dress in 7 degree weather without tights on, I’m sure I’d judge.

So sure, pass judgement.

If that little girl was walking down Commercial drive, in a sleeveless dress, without a coat, without tights AND without shoes?

For damn sure I’d be judging.

So maybe this should be a lesson to me.

No one who was judging saw the behind the scene negotiations, the melt downs, the fierce determination of that three year old little girl who had her mind set to take off her coat, her tights and her shoes.  No threat (or bribe) would change her mind.

Did I give up? Maybe. Am I a bad parent? Maybe. But trust me, by that point I just didn’t care. (Judge away.)

Let this be a lesson to me.

Next time I see something that makes me want to judge, I’ll think about my half dressed three year old walking down Commercial Drive.

Maybe next time I won’t be so quick to judge.