As a parent, you screw up all the time. There’s no handbook to figure this parenting thing out. You’re constantly winging it. Just hoping you don’t screw up. Or at least, screw up that badly.

Or, even more so, you hope you screw up in the privacy of your own home where no one else can see what you did.

I screwed up the other day. And unfortunately, people noticed.


That moment when you’re half asleep on the couch (at normal afternoon nap time), you hear the phone ring, try to ignore it, then hear someone leaving a message… You catch the words “school” and “2pm”… Before you remember the kids had early dismissal from school at 2pm today… And it’s 2:25pm.  #parentoftheyear 

Fortunately, my five year old twins weren’t the only parent-less children in the office that early dismissal day.  (A few other moms and dads lost their Parent of the Year Award, as well.)

And after talking with friends, I’ve learned that many, many parents have forgotten their children many, many times in many, many locations.

So we all screw up. And sometimes some of us forget our kids.


And you know what?

It’s okay…


As long as you eventually remember that your 12 year old daughter is locked in the dance studio alone at 9:15pm waiting for you to pick her up.

Right, Mom?