There was a man named Mike

Who got bored in Thompson, Manitoba

And thought “Hey- I’ll take a hike”


mike-bennyHe showed up in Prince George

Rolling into town

“Before I leave”, he was heard saying

“I’ll shake this place down”


He said he would shake

For a year or maybe two

Then he’d head to the big city

And try something new


And shake he did

He shook and he shook

About shaking down a town

He wrote the book


Appearing at events

He was all over the city

If Mike Benny wasn’t your host

It sure was a pity


Miss Teen Prince George

A big event in town

Mike hosted and I thought

One day I want that crown


I never got that crown

On a throne I never sat

They canceled the event

What’s up with that?


So no crown for me

But I got something more

You see Mike never left

Because fell in love with Laur (el)


One day, when I grew up

I got a real grown up job

Well, it was working in radio

About as grown up as a flash mob


When I walked into the radio studio

Who did I see?

Mike Benny, the legend

Was there to greet me


Benny and Beeman

Was the name of our show

In just 2 and a half years

He taught me everything I know


In the P-dot G-dot

He decided to stay

Working bright and early every morning

Helping you start off your day


Thank you for staying

And working with me (what a pain)

The big city’s loss

Was Prince George’s, and my, gain


So happy 30th anniversary

To Mike, my friend

We love that you’re still here

May the shake down never end