You do what you know.

If you played hockey, you’ll probably put your kids in hockey. If you ran track, odds are your kids will run track. If you swam, you’ll probably put your kids in swimming.

I danced.

So guess what my kids are doing?

my-little-dancers-fullThis is definitely something I want them to do. I want them to feel the excitement as they run into the dance studio on Saturday mornings.  I want them to feel the rush of being on stage.  I want them to learn to work hard and laugh harder. I want them to appreciate their bodies and the amazing things it can do. I want them to create amazing lifelong friendships.

I want them to love dance the way I love dance.

This is my dream, not theirs. I know that. And I thank Lucy and Sam for indulging me and committing to this year of ballet. I’m already tearing up thinking of  them on stage at their year end recital.

And then, after that, they can decide if they want to continue dancing. As much as I would love to watch them on stage year after year, I know it’s their decision.

Soon they can choose what they want to do.

But not quite yet… Dad’s in charge of the next activity.

Basketball starts next month. 😉