Sometimes it’s nice to be alone. Fully. Completely. Totally.  On your own.

It’s hard to do that. There’s always someone who needs something. There’s always something to take care of. There’s always something to do for someone, or with someone. All. The. Time.

You’re not often ever truly alone (especially you work full time, you’re married, you have five year old twins and two cats, and you all live in an East Van sized duplex.)

all-by-myself-fullBut this week (thanks to a work trip to Barbados!), I’m getting some much needed alone time. Just me time. All by myself time. Down time to do whatever I want. (Once work is done, of course. It’s still a work trip!)

If I want to lay on the beach, I can lay on the beach. If I want to jump in the pool, I can jump in the pool. Want to read a book? Sure! Sleep diagonally across the king-sized bed? Don’t mind if I do. Watch whatever I want on Netflix? Anytime! Go for a run? Let me grab my shoes. Sleep solidly for eight consecutive hours? Every night.

It’s an opportunity that doesn’t come along that often.  A definite luxury, and I’m not going to take it for granted.

And on that note, I’m going to go for a run now. And then I’m going to read my book… And then lay by the pool… And then… Well, whatever else I want to do today.