In my autobiographical Lifetime made for TV movie (I’m constantly writing the script in my mind), Lucy doesn’t have a Maid of Honour at her wedding. She has a Man of Honour. Yes, in my movie, Sam will be standing next to Lucy on the day she says “I do,” handing her the ring.

And Sam’s Best Man on his big day? Lucy, of course. She’ll be his Best Person or Best Lady or Best Twin Sister. She’ll be standing by his side on his big day.

best-friends-full(Lucy will also supply Sam’s future wife with ice chips when said future wife is in labour with future grandchildren, because Lucy and Sam’s wife will be bff’s, of course. Hey- it’s my movie. I get to write the script.)

Yes, this is how my movie looks: my twins are each other’s best friends. Through thick and thin, ups and downs, they stick together.

But (insert dramatic music here) what if they aren’t? And what if they don’t?

Last week at basketball, the kids were told to pair up. With those instructions, twenty kids ran around the gym trying to find a partner.

One of my kids reached for the other, but that one said “no” (No! I couldn’t believe it either) and found a different partner. One not related to them. One they’ve never even shared a uterus with.

My twins weren’t partners. (There’s a plot twist I didn’t see coming.)

Now my Lifetime made for TV movie involves a tragic story of siblings and their feud on the basketball court that spirals out of control and eventually tears an entire family apart. Working title: Tragedy on the Court.

(Again- it’s my script, my title.)

While this distressing movie plays out in my mind, they’ve moved onto a different drill. Now they’re in two teams. Lucy and Sam are on the same team.

“Nice shot, Sam!” Lucy yells to her brother.

“Thanks!” He says. “Good dribbling!”

And just like that, my made for TV movie is back on track. Gone is “Tragedy on the Court.”  “Twins and Best Friends Lucy and Sam Take on the World and Live Happily Ever After Forever and Ever and Make Their Parents So Very Proud” is back in production.

(My movie, my script, my title. )