It’s all toilet humour at our house right now.

It doesn’t matter what the joke is about, if the punchline involves pee, poop or anything toilet-related, the joke is a hit.

Like the other night when we were getting ready for dinner, and my five year old Lucy starts throwing out the toilet one-liners (you can’t even classify these as full out jokes).

toilet-humourLucy, points at me and says “You are a potty!”

Then she points at my husband Mark and says “And you are a potty!”

I’m thinking she’s just hurling insults at us.

But Sam, her twin brother, is doubled over and can barely talk, he’s laughing so hard. Eventually he manages to spit out, “Good one, Lucy!”

I’m not really understanding the humour, and I look at Mark as if to say “What is going on?”

But when I turn to him, he’s doubled over like Sam, laughing with them!

Things have really gone to the crapper in our house.