I wish I could bottle an experience. Save it up and put it on shelf so I could take it down whenever I needed to experience it again.

I want to bottle up the pure love and excitement I see on my kids’ faces when I pick them up from school.

I watch them walk out the school doors, looking for me. They glance from side to side, searching through the sea of parents all waiting for the after school pick-up.

And when they see me?

when-they-see-meWell, the looks on their faces almost make my heart burst.

It’s love. It’s excitement. It’s an honest “I’m so happy to see my mom” moment. And it makes my day. (They even drop their backpacks so they can run to me faster!)

I know I won’t get those looks, or those reactions, forever. They’re in kindergarten right now. Will I get the same look in grade one? Maybe. Grade two? Maybe. Grade three? I hope I’m not being greedy when I say maybe.

The point is, I know it will end. The after school pick-up will change as they get older. All our interactions will change, grow and evolve.

So that’s why I need to bottle up this experience while I can.

Because I know one day I’m going to want to take it off the shelf so I can experience it again.