There are some people who make you think “what good did I do in a former life to deserve you?” They make every day brighter and sunnier and happier. They make you want to be a better you. They make your life so much better just by being in it.

And there are the “other” people…

The ones who make you think “Wow… I must have been a d*ck in my past life.”

We all have “other” people in our lives. Sometimes we just meet them once, possibly in a moment of road rage, and those people are easy to dismiss. The people who you have a one-off interaction with, who don’t affect your life on a daily basis, those are the “others” who are easy to forget about.

But what about the ones you have to deal with regularly? The ones you can’t write-off?

You may live beside them, work with them, or even be related to them.  Maybe you see them at PAC meetings at your kids’ school, maybe you have quarterly meetings with them in the corner office, or maybe you spend major holidays smiling at them across the dinner table.

I get it; we all have them.

So how do you deal with these “other” people who are constants in your life?

No, seriously. I’m asking. What do you do???

I try to be the bigger person. I try to remember everyone is fighting their own battles, battles I may not be aware of. And I try to remember it’s not personal.

At least, I hope it’s not personal.


What if it is personal???

What if they’re looking at me and thinking “what did I do to deserve you in my life?” (And not in a good way!) What if they see me as one of the “other” people who they have to deal with?

Well… That’s a whole new perspective, isn’t it?

I guess there are a lot of “other” people out there, all labeled arbitrarily by whoever is doing the judging at that particular moment. Up until now, I’ve only considered the ones I’ve labeled; not the ones potentially placing a label on me.

Hmmmm… There’s something to think about next time…