“Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”

I couldn’t go to my friend’s burial last weekend.

My beautiful friend Christina passed away a year and a half ago and this past weekend they buried her ashes. I couldn’t be there because I had to go to Mexico on a work trip.

When I arrived here at the resort in Mexico, I had the weirdest sensation of déjà vu. It was like I had been here before.

And then it hit me. I had been here before: three years ago for a friend’s wedding. I had watched Shila and Josh get married at this very resort. And who did I stay with for the week I was here?


I could have been at any resort, any other weekend for this work trip. But I wasn’t. On the very weekend I should have been celebrating Christina’s life with her family in Kelowna, I was 6200 kilometers away at a resort in Mexico… the very resort where I spent a full week with my wonderful Christina.


I’d like to think not.

When it really mattered, I was with her, and she was with me.

She made sure of that.