Kids… They say the darnedest things.

Case in point, my 5 year son Sam.

The other day I was in my bedroom, trying on a dress I had ordered online. It was really cute: dark pink, with a fitted waist and flaired skirt. Very flattering.

While I was admiring myself in the mirror, Sam asked me to come to his room to help him with something.  When I walked into his room I did a little spin and asked him “Do you like my new dress?”

where-are-your-breasts-fullHe looked up from what he was doing, gave me a once over and said “Where are your breasts?”

Just like that, like he was asking about my arm or my ear. “Where are your breasts?”

I pointed to my chest and said “They’re right here, where they always are.”

His response? “Yeah, but usually they stick up more.”

Needless to say, I’m returning the dress.