Our first book review!!!

Don't Call the Office

Lucy and Sam were lucky enough to get an advanced copy of Don’t Call The Office, written by Madison Reaveley and Megan Williams, and illustrated by Cathryn John. (It was even autographed!)

Don't Call the Office - autograph

I read the story to Lucy and Sam, my six year old twins, before bed one night and asked them to help me review it for my blog.

Lucy and Sam reading

Me:  What is this story about?
Sam:  The story is about Cameron and how she always has to go to the office at school and it’s not even her fault.
Lucy:  Yeah, she doesn’t even do anything but she has to go to the office.

Me:  Why does Cameron have to go to the office?
Lucy:  Because her mom and dad are always late. And the office calls her so they can take care of her.

Me:  What was your favourite part of the book?
Sam:  My favourite part was when Cameron does this (see photo) when her Nana picked her up.


Lucy:  I like it when her whole family surprises her at the office.

Me:  What did you like about the story?
Lucy:  I like that Cameron had the idea to make a fort with her friends at school. I’d like to do that!

Me:  What would you do if you were called to the office every day after school?
Sam:  I would make the same faces Cameron did!

Me:  What ages do you think would enjoy this book?
Lucy:  3 (years old) and 4 and 6 and 5. And maybe 2 years old.
Sam:  91 years old or older. And younger too.

Me:  What did you learn from the story?
Sam:  If you’re going to be late, DON’T call the office.

Me:  What’s your final review of the book?
Lucy: Two thumbs up!
Sam: Yeah, two thumbs up!


Don’t Call The Office is available at Chapters and at Megan Williams. http://www.meganwilliams.ca/