Dear Santa,

I need some help Big Guy. Or, more accurately, my husband needs some help. And you’re just the man for the job.

I love my husband but sometimes he gets a little lost when he’s shopping. And the thought of going into a mall at Christmas… Well, just the idea could actually make him curl up in the fetal position and cry until January 1st.

If he doesn’t have an exact list (item, size, colour, where to buy), he’ll walk around the mall for hours and end up coming home with a Nutcracker Chia Pet. (In his defense, I do love The Nutcracker, but you can see what happens when he doesn’t have a list.)

So I’ve come up with a few things I’d love to find under the tree on Christmas morning. And to make things really easy for both of you, I’ve already picked them up! (I’m making this as easy as possible for everyone this year.) 

So all you two have to do is decide who wants to give me which items, wrap them up and put them under the tree. And as a thorough shopper, I tried everything on (and took selfies!) so it’s all guaranteed to fit. You’re welcome! 😀

1. Nike Sportswear Women’s Advance 15 Full Zip Cape Hoodie
-Everyone needs a cute hoodie to throw on before you head to the gym or  out to the park with the kids.

2. Under Armour Street Precision Low Women’s Training Shoes
-I love shoes that I wear to the gym for weight training that also look good with jeans and a t-shirt.

3. Nike Power Legend Brush Women’s All Over Print Capri Tight
-Fun tights always motivate me to run more often, and I could use a little motivation in December. Plus, it’s always nice to look good when you’re sweating. 😉

Thanks, Santa! You’re the best.

xoxo Amy

PS There will be some extra milk and cookies coming your way this year!



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