I don’t have any tattoos. The idea of something being permanently marked on my body scares me. And what if the tattoo artist screws up? Having an “ugly” something permanently marked on my body terrifies me.

So when my friend got her eyebrows tattooed, I thought she was crazy! I mean, that’s your face. Your face! If something goes wrong… That’s a screw up you’re going to see every time you look in the mirror.

And then I saw her before and after photos. They. Were. Amazing.

As someone who has always struggled with my eyebrows (they’ve never been dark enough or defined enough), the idea of waking up with picture perfect brows every morning was very appealing. So I asked my friend what magician had worked their magic on her brows and she gave me Sarah’s name. img_0128

Sarah Killen is a certified cosmetic tattoo artist who offers micro pigmentation procedures including feather stroke and powder effect eyebrows. She uses three different kinds of machines, depending on what brow look you’re going for. The before and after photos on her Instagram account speak for themselves.

So I made an appointment. I was a little nervous but Sarah walked me through every step of the process, from the numbing cream to choosing an eyebrow colour (mine is a combo of Mochaccino and Creme Latte) to the actual tattooing process. She didn’t even make fun of me when I asked for more numbing cream. (Don’t be a hero; ask for more numbing cream if you need it.)  img_8392

To say I’m happy with the results is an understatement. After about a week and a half of Vaseline applications (I didn’t realize how itchy semi-permanent tattoos could be!), the colour had faded just enough and my brows looked totally natural. I actually had to convince my neighbour they were tattooed!

One touch-up appointment a few weeks later and the transformation was complete. A couple of hours with Sarah totally changed my look. I can finally say goodbye to my old light, wispy, uniformed brows!

And for the first time in my life, I can use #browsonfleek. I’m so happy Sarah helped me get over my tattoo phobia. And so are my eyebrows. 😉