Every year Lucy and Sam get their picture taken with Santa and every year it’s a struggle to find outfits to wear for the big day. We pick out clothes ahead of time, but without fail someone finds something wrong with their outfit the morning of and there’s some sort of melt down.

This year I decided to try something different. I didn’t buy any special Santa outfits. I told the kids to pick something out of their closet to wear. They both picked out their favourite, most comfortable outfits: all Peekaboo Beans.

We’ve been in love with Peekaboo Beans clothes for years for a ton of reasons. The big one: they’re comfortable (no buttons or snaps!). The kids can move and play in them. Plus they look great, they wash well and the clothes can be passed down for years. Peekaboo Beans also prides itself on making clothes free of toxic dyes and their fabrics are custom-made by suppliers and mills that are carefully vetted by their team. All things that are important to moms (and kids)! img_0122

And you know what? My Santa photo experiment worked. For the first time, no one complained about their clothes the day of the picture. Two happy kids put on their favourite outfits and their biggest smiles for old St. Nick.