“These 3 Men Will Attempt To Run A Sub-2 Hour Marathon.”

I had to read the headline twice.

A sub-2 hour marathon???

Yes, three men are going to attempt to run a marathon in under 2 hours in 2017.

Wow. Wow! Impressive. And humbling.

You see, I also have a 2 hour goal in 2017… for a half marathon. Not a full marathon. Not 42.2 kilometres. Not 26.2 miles.

My goal is to run a half marathon (aka 21.1 kilometres or 13.1 miles) in under 2 hours. My goal is to run half as far as these men, in the same amount of time. And it’s a big goal for me. In order to run a half marathon in under two hours, I have to cut 3 minutes and 7 seconds off my fastest half marathon time ever. And that’s not going to be easy.

So when I first saw a the Sub-2 Hour Marathon headline, I felt a little… sheepish? Intimidated? My goal seems so silly compared to theirs. The same time goal for half the distance…

And then I stopped myself. I stopped comparing myself to world class athletes who devote their lives to running. And I decided to start worrying about me: a married mom of 6 year old twins, who works full time and insists on talking while running with friends. (To me running is like a coffee date: if we’re going to spend the time together, we’re going to catch up on each other’s lives. We’re not going to run side by side in silence. And if that slows us down, so be it.)

So maybe my goals aren’t as impressive as what you read in a running magazine headline… But I’m not going to worry about what other people are doing in 2017. I’m just going to worry about me and my goals. My better starts here. (I may have stolen that line… Thanks Sport Chek!) And it starts now.

So while 3 men are trying to run a sub-2 hour marathon in 2017, I’ll be attempting a sub-2 hour half marathon in 2017. That’s my goal. That’s my better.

And I’ll be as impressed as hell if I can make it happen.

Here’s to 2017!


What are your 2017 goals?


Thank you Sport Chek for helping me gear up to reach my 2017 goals. I really appreciate the love and support! #ChekSquad #SweatBetter  (This post was written in collaboration with Sport Chek, but all opinions are my own.)