I wish I liked expensive things.

Don’t get me wrong; I like a lot of things that cost a pretty penny. I can rack up the visa bill quite nicely (just ask my husband).

But my husband Mark… He likes expensive things: expensive things made of carbon fibre, aluminum and rubber. He likes… no, he loves… mountain bikes.

And he recently acquired a new love.

And love don’t come cheap.

I don’t know if you’ve ever shopped for mountain bikes because I haven’t… Apparently tassels and bananas seats are out and carbon fibre frames and ‘dropper posts’ are in. And those things cost.

After Mark came home with his new baby, he told me I deserved to treat myself as well. So I thought and I thought and I thought. What could I possibly want that is comparable to a new mountain bike? A new mountain bike that is comparable to a week long visit for two at an all-inclusive 4-star resort in Cancun or comparable to almost two months of mortgage payments.

And I couldn’t come up with anything. Nothing. At least, not one big ticket item.

So I’ve decided I’ll have to be creative. Instead of one big ticket item, I’ll add up a bunch of smaller items: a new outfit here, an afternoon at the spa there, a pair of boots here, a girls running and wine touring week in San Francisco there…. You get the idea.

I figure as long as Mark doesn’t start adding things up, I can milk this for awhile. 😉