I think it’s impossible to hit a milestone birthday and not reflect on your life. You think about the things you’ve done and haven’t done, the places you’ve been and the places you still need to see, the people you’ve loved and the people you’ve lost.

I feel like I’ve been thinking about life a lot lately, particularly where I am in my life and where I want to be. (Must be the Big 4-0 that’s looming before me.) On long runs, I’ll think about my marriage. Driving to work, my thoughts will drift to my children. Walking to pick up the kids from school, I’ll think about my home and my neighbours. And I’ve found my mind wandering to other things that matter to me, like my friends, my career and my life in general. And you know what I keep coming up with?

I’m happy.

I’m fortunate. And I’m blessed. And I’m happy.

That’s not to say there aren’t things in my life I’d like to tweak a little. Could I enjoy more of this and a deal with less of that? Are there improvements to be made to different areas of my life? Improvements I could make? Definitely. And I’ll continue to work towards those things. Life is a never-ending journey of moments, experiences and challenges.

And yes, there are things I still need to do, things I want to experience. I still have a lot of life to live. But if the last 40 years are any reflection on what the next 40 have in store…

Things are going to be amazing.

Happy birthday to me. 🎂