“It’s like they’re breaking up,” I whisper to my husband as we watch our six year old twins Lucy and Sam divide up their Lego.

Mark and I are standing in the doorway of the spare room, aka the toy room, while Lucy and Sam divide their toys

For the past six and a half years, Lucy and Sam have shared a room. For the first eight months of their lives, they even shared a crib. And now they’re getting their own rooms. They’re separating. They’re breaking up.

Okay. So that’s a little melodramatic.

But this is a big night for us. We’re rearranging half of our house so Lucy and Sam can have their own rooms. We have to move bookshelves, beds and toys, plus build shelves and reorganize closets. All so Lucy and Sam can “have their own space.”

Right now, Lucy is taking her toys out of the spare/toy room, aka Sam’s new room, upstairs to the room that is soon to belong solely to her. Sam is deciding where his toys should be placed in his new room. And Mark and I are watching from the doorway.

“It’s like a break up,” I whisper again.

“They’re not breaking up,” he whispers back. “They’re growing up.”