Sometimes in life you come face to face with a problem you have to solve. You could ask for help, but you don’t want to because you know you can figure this out on your own. After all, you are six years old.

Sometimes that problem is your hair getting in the way while you’re trying to paint your face with a new movie make-up kit your best friend got from the school book fair. Now, you could ask for help. If you asked your mom, she may suggest using a headband or a bobby pin to keep your hair off your face while you apply the make-up. But why ask your mom when you can solve this problem with your best friend (another six year old with tons of life experience)?  Especially when you’re at your best friend’s house and he knows where the scissors are.

Problem: Hair in your face.
Solution: Get rid of the hair in your face by getting rid of the hair. (Enter scissors.)

It makes perfect sense. You had a problem, and you found a solution. Mission accomplished.

And when your mom asks for details like when you did it, why you did it, who cut it… plead ignorance. “I don’t remember” always seems to work.

Said six year old boy and his best friend after the well thought out solution to their problem. (The irony that they both hate going to get their hair cut is not lost on us.)

Identities have been disguised to protect the not so innocent.