For some people turning 40 isn’t a big deal; it’s just another birthday, just another year. For some people turning 40 is a huge deal; it’s a defining moment, a moment that makes you stop and think about life as you know it.

I’m in the second group.

I wouldn’t say I had a midlife crisis when I turned 40 earlier this year. I would call it a midlife reflection. I wouldn’t even call it ‘midlife’ (because I plan on living for a loooong time), so let’s just call it a life reflection.

What I realized as my 40th birthday approached is that I have to get stuff done. And I have to get it done now! I’ve started thinking about life like a vacation: during the first half of your trip you think you have all the time in the world. Then you hit the half way mark and you think “I’ve got stuff to do and see and I have to do it now!”

That’s how I felt about turning 40. If there’s something I want to do or see or celebrate, the time to do it is now. It’s time to get things done. Do it now. No time like the present.

So when my amazing friend Laura told me to fly up to Prince George for a 40th birthday and friends photo shoot, I booked my ticket immediately. Because now is the time to celebrate. Now is the time to celebrate the memories that brought you to the place you are and now is the time to create new memories to celebrate where you are going.

And celebrate we did.

We celebrated our friendship. And we celebrated our lives. And our memories. We celebrated the love that is so grounded and so deep between us that I know no matter how many years pass, we will never stop celebrating together.



Laura, Kristy and Kristen: thank you for all of the beautiful memories from this very special day and from every other day we are together. After all these years, thank you for continuing to celebrate with me.



I can’t wait to see the photos from my 80th birthday photo shoot. 😍

Thank you Emily Jane Photography for your gorgeous photos. You are the best. And thank you Special Occasion Stylist and Polished Chaos for making me look and feel like a glamourous movie star.

This is 40.