Written Thursday, December 5
We’ve been on the plane for three hours. It’ll be time to land in Dallas soon. Then we’ll have nine hours to try and sleep at the airport before we leave for Miami. We’ll have a quick layover and then we’ll board our flight for Port Au Prince.
Once we land in Haiti, we’ll head out of the arrivals area where you should be waiting for us. We’ll greet you. Will you want a hug? I know I’ll want one. But maybe that will be too much for you. And that’s okay. We can’t even imagine what is going through your head right now.
We’ll take you into the airport we just left and board a flight to Florida. We’ve tried to learn enough Creole phrases to explain to you what is happening. Will it be enough? Will you understand us? We don’t know.
We’re going to spend a night at a hotel in Florida. I hope I can explain to you that the hotel isn’t Canada. We’re not home yet.
We’ll try to get a good night’s sleep. Will you want to snuggle with me? With dad? With both of us? We don’t know.
Then we’ll wake you up bright and early for an epic day of travel: Fort Lauderdale to Montreal to Toronto to Vancouver. That would exhaust the most seasoned of travellers. How will you fare? We have no idea.
So many unknowns.
All we do know is that we’ve been dreaming about these flights to go and pick you up since we met you last December.
And we can’t wait to bring you home.