Lucy and I had our “Lucy and Mom Only Date” yesterday.

(Mark, my husband, and I have decided we need to spend some more one on one time with each of our three kids.) Lucy chose the outing which included getting dressed up, going out for dinner (Mexican!) and dessert and a sleepover in her room. We had the best time!!

And the one on one time gave me the chance to gain a few insights about Lucy:

1. She thinks that getting ready together is sometimes more fun than the actual event.

2. She is able to turn a never-worn lyrical dance costume (thanks Covid!) into late afternoon/early evening wear.

3. According to Lucy, (virgin) mango margaritas are sooooooo good!

4. Lucy thinks it’s okay if you double dip your chips in salsa as long as you’re eating with family.

5. If you offer her $5 to dance for 30 seconds in the middle of the restaurant, you’ll end up $5 poorer.