Well, I screwed that one up.

Sam and I went on our Sam and Mom date yesterday. (Mark, my husband, and I have decided we need to spend some more one on one time with each of our three kids.)

Sam wanted to go to a D-Box movie, something neither of us have ever done before. D-Box is a “seating concept that adds motion right in your seat! Moviegoers will be immersed in an unmatched, hyper-realistic entertainment experience that moves the body and sparks the imagination through motion.”

Sounded like a great idea! Trying something new together, watching a great movie (Wonder Woman) together. I booked the tickets and we counted down the days.

We were both pretty excited for our date. Sam even did a little Wonder Woman D-Box dance when the usher asked us which movie we were going to see. So when we walked into the theatre and went to our pre-selected seats, we were a little confused when they looked like regular movie seats. Then I looked to the back of the theatre and saw the two rows of obviously D-Box seats: they were red, bigger and nowhere near where we were sitting. My stomach sank as I realized that I had booked the wrong seats.

I immediately went outside the theatre to ask if we could switch seats. The usher was very apologetic but even though there were empty seats, they were too close other guests so we couldn’t sit in them (thanks COVID-19). I had to go back into the theatre and tell Sam that our D-Box movie date night was now just a regular seat movie date night.

I worked so hard on making these one on one dates special. I was upset with myself that I messed up the one thing Sam wanted to do.

“Sorry, buddy. I screwed up and booked us regular seats. I’m so sorry.”

His face dropped for a second. Then he saw how upset I was and he smiled and said “It’s okay, mom. It’ll still be a good movie.”

He looked at the screen, then looked back at me and said again “Mom, it’s okay.”

With those three little words, he reminded me to stop sweating the small stuff and to enjoy the our time together. My heart swelled. I smiled and watched him sit back in his regular movie seat and focus on the big picture.