Stanley and I had our “Stanley and Mom” date last weekend.  (Mark, my husband, and I have decided we need to spend some more one on one time with each of our three kids.) Stanley and I decided that we would go to a farm and go horseback riding!!! “Horseback riding” actually equated to sitting on a horse for five minutes while it’s lead around a tiny farm. But still!!! This was very exciting for someone who has never been up close and personal with a horse. Plus, we also got to see and feed real life chickens and ducks.

And I threw in a trip to Mr. Donald’s (aka McDonalds) and bubble tea for dessert. (Mark took Stanley mountain biking on their ‘Dad and Stanley’ date so I really needed to up my game.)

Things Stanley learned on our date:

1. You can never be overdressed for a trip to the farm. (He planned his outfit the night before our date. ❤️)

2. “I can feed chicken with my hand.”

3. “Tire swings are fun!”

4. You have to be brave to ride a horse.

5. Stanley also learned he likes the look of bubble tea and the idea of bubble tea but he doesn’t actually like bubble tea.  (Noted for our next date.)