The other day my friend asked me a question that stumped me. We were having a rather deep conversation and I mentioned how it’s becoming more difficult to write authentically about my kids because I don’t want to embarrass them or share private information about them. She asked me:

Beyond your kids, what are your stories about?

Ummmmm. Uhhhhhhhh.

I thought about it for a minute and I came up with nothing. I had no answer.

What are my stories about? What do I have to say? What do I want to communicate? What do I want to share?

I started asking myself questions about… well, me. What do I know about myself?

I came up with a few answers… but nothing ground-breaking. Nothing exciting.

I know I’m a social woman who thrives on and recharges with friend time.

But the pandemic has put a real damper on my social calendar.

I’m a runner.

But I haven’t been running lately.

I’m a radio morning show producer and host.

But I just started back at work (after my parental leave) and I’m still fumbling my way through every morning.

I love going to the gym.

But I haven’t gone to the gym since the pandemic hit.

I’m a mom of three.

But what else am I?

I feel like I’m struggling with a question that mothers are continuously asking themselves.

Beyond my kids, what are my stories about?

So now I’m sitting here, writing about my struggle to determine what stories I want to write about.

The irony is not lost on me.


… to be continued…