I get

stuck in my head

and have a hard time

getting out.


People tell me to stop overthinking,

to get out of my head.

But it’s a hard place to get out of

once you’re there.


The self doubt.

The voice saying

‘you can’t do this’

is hard to ignore.


I hear the other voices too,

telling me

I’m more than



But I need to

turn down the doubting me.

Turn down the ‘I can’t do this’

so I can hear those other voices.


The voices that believe in me,

I can hear them

bubbling at the surface

trying to break through.


Years of adjusting

my doubt volume,

turning it down.

It’s still a challenge.


But that won’t

stop me from trying,

from constantly

adjusting my volumes.


Turn down the doubt.

Crank up the believe

until it overpowers and becomes

all that I choose to hear.