My friend hugged me the other day. 

It was her first chance to hug me since my dad died. I’ve talked to her since then and she’s said all the things she supposed to say. But this time she said the things and then leaned in and enveloped me.

At first I was stiff. The hug felt so foreign, in a Covid world. I didn’t know if it was allowed or what the rules were… but then I just stopped thinking…

And I melted against her. The tears started and I struggled to keep them under control. She didn’t let go and I didn’t either.

Her arms tightened around me and she became the strength holding me up.

I didn’t realize how much I needed that strength. The strength everyone has wanted to give me, but no one has been able to. The strength you find in the arms of a friend. 

Thanks, Jenn. ❤️


Photo: Kim Culbert