I am beyond thrilled to introduce you to my debut children’s book:

Unwrap Your Dreams

This book has been a labor of love and I am so happy with how it’s all coming together. Watching my illustrator Christina Dill bring my words to life with her drawings has taken my breath away.

Unwrap Your Dreams encourages everyone to believe in the limitless possibilities of their dreams.  It invites the reader (or their parent) to ask the question “What will you dream today?” And maybe even “What will you be today?”

Anything you can imagine. Whatever you want, will be.

I cannot wait for you to read it!

(Pre-sale coming soon!!!)

Unwrap Your Dreams

By Amy Beeman

When you drift off to sleep and Unwrap Your Dreams there’s no limit to the wonderful places you can go and astonishing sights you can see—magical animals, underwater experiences, dancing fairies, flights to faraway lands. Whatever you can imagine can happen. 

So lay down your head, close your eyes, and let the adventures begin.