You guys… it’s time!
I’m so excited (and beyond nervous!) to announce that pre-sale for Unwrap Your Dreams is now on!
This book has been such a labour of love and picturing all you reading it and putting on your bookshelves… it makes my heart want to burst!
And, quite honestly, it makes me want to throw up a little. 🤢
Feeling confident about something is easy when you’re holding it close to your heart and it’s just yours to love. Asking others to love it, even a fraction as much as you do, is scary.
But what is life, if not scary at times? So I’m facing my fear and putting it out there. I love what my illustrator Christina and I have created and I hope you do too.
Thank you!!! 😍
*books will hopefully arrive mid-December, but please be aware that timeline may change*