I am humbled and honoured that hundreds of you have pre-ordered Unwrap Your Dreams. It means more than I can express that you have chosen to buy this book for your own home libraries. THANK YOU! ❤️

There’s only a few days left for presale, so if you haven’t ordered your copy yet please do so now! (And tell all your friends too. 😍)

My hope is that Unwrap Your Dreams will one day be on Amazon, but here is something to consider:

While Amazon is a very convenient place for readers to buy books, it isn’t the greatest place to support authors as Amazon takes a 70% royalty.

So consider authors (like me!) a small business… and everyone wants to support small business, right?? (Jeff Bezos doesn’t need another rocket ship.😉) Plus, the copies you order from me will be better quality than the Amazon copies.

Again, thank you for all your support. It means the world to me.