This post is 2.5 months in the making… 

I was holding off writing it, hoping that I would have a big update to give… but I don’t.

So I’m writing today to give you a non-update.

Two and a half months ago my life was turned upside down when I lost my job of 17 years. It was shocking and jarring and quite honestly, two and a half months later it still feels shocking and jarring. I’m working my way through the seven stages of grief, which my counsellor says is the normal process after job loss trauma. 

As I work through the stages, I’m trying to find the joy in the small things like seeing the kids in the morning before school, going for a long walk with the dog in the middle of the day, taking online courses to help discover what I want to be when I grow up. I’m also eating a lot of chips and chocolate because… well, because it makes me happy. And there are times I need immediate happiness. I know working out and eating green things will make me happier in the long run, but I’m not there yet. (Maybe that will be the next stage?)

I’m trying to listen to the things my husband is telling me…. “You’ve worked hard your whole life, it’s okay to relax for a bit.” “Take some time for yourself. “Enjoy the down time.” “We’ll figure it out.” “We’re in this together.” “We’ve got your back.” (Maybe he should get into motivational speaking because he’s a damn good cheerleader.)

And I’m trying to be easy on myself, because if there was ever a time I need to lower my expectations of myself, this is it. 

Thanks friends. 

(And thanks to my sister Carly for buying this round of groceries!)