Are you happy? 

Overall, are you happy? Happy with life? Happy where your are? Happy when your eyes open in the morning? Happy when you drift off to sleep at night?

Are you happy most of the time, with sad or bad moments sprinkled in? Or are you mostly neutral, with happiness spikes mixed in with the occasional low? Or do you find yourself lost in a state of perpetual sadness, reaching and hoping for happiness on the horizon?

When you’re happy, how long do you stay there? For fleeting moments? For days at a time? 

And where is ‘there’? Where is happiness for you? How do you find it? Does it come in sun beams streaming through trees in a forest? Does it come in a hug from a friend? Is it simply in the silence of being home alone?

Maybe it comes while watching a sunset, taking a deep breath and hoping that your best is good enough. 

Because, at the end of the day, all you can do is your best, and hope that happiness follows.