Writing a book is a bit like wearing your heart on your sleeve. You write and publish, what you think, is a beautiful book. Your greatest hope is that someone will love it as much as you do.

So when you see a post titled “The Best Books To Refresh Your Kids’ Bookshelf For Fall” and your book is front and centre?!?!?! It’s a ‘pinch me’ moment. ❤️ Especially after you read what they wrote about your book…

Written by Amy Beeman
Illustrated by Christina Dill

This sweet, soothing story gets kids in the dream zone. A perfect nighttime primer for anxious sleepers, this book is made for peaceful bedtimes. The beautiful images and calming words help kids drift off to sleep and unwrap their dreams exploring the limitless wonderful places to go and astonishing sights to see—magical animals, underwater experiences, dancing fairies, flights to faraway lands and whatever they choose. 

The rich images will spark imagination, encouraging kids to lay down their heads, close their eyes, and let the adventures begin.

Oh my heart!

Thank you yummymummyclub.ca for including Unwrap Your Dreams amongst a stellar list of books.

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