Yes, you read that correctly. 

My children’s book, Unwrap Your Dreams, is being adapted into a children’s ballet! 

My book is becoming a ballet!!!!!

(Give me a moment to re-read that… okay, I’m good. 😍). 

This is something beyond what I could have ever imagined. I have big dreams for my little book, but to have it turned into a ballet??? That wasn’t even on my radar. 

So thank you Judy Russell for reading Unwrap Your Dreams and seeing the potential in it. I cannot wait to see 117 (!) little dancers bring my book to life on stage. My heart may burst. ♥️

If you’d like to see it too, meet me at the theatre! 


Unwrap Your Dreams: The Ballet

Saturday, June 24


Vanier Hall

Prince George, BC

Get your tickets here: (250) 563-2902


And get inspired with your own copy of Unwrap Your Dreams! 😃 Order here.